Hi! call me Vysh. I am a Full Stack application developer managing servers on the side while experimenting with AI, from the mountains in Nepal.
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What I do

I create intuitive and seamless apps, websites and designs to take your idea to the NEXT level. I strive to create innovative and pleasing solutions that stand apart from the crowd

App Development

I Design apps with clean, beautiful and intuitive interfaces while meeting the requirements. I ensure a fast, seamless, and immersive experience for your users.

Web Development

I have a diverse set of web development skills, I take charge of setting up the databases, core logic and make sure of a dynamic and fluid website.

Awesome UI

Get a distinctive and enduring visual identity, that brings you closer to your business goals by attracting your ideal customers and colleagues.

Immersive UX

Look and feel are two different things and I find the perfect intersection of both. I make sure everything I design has an immersive flow and is easy to learn.


Getting an App to the store and a website live is just the beginning, I help you maintain applications with bug fixes, new features, redesigns and anything else you might need.

Colloborative Ideation! What's next? How do we make it better?


I have been involved in many projects, here are some of my projects that are not under NDA.

Android Development expert Nepal

Ek Ghanti

Nepal's first and only Toll Free Miscall Number Service Platform. If someone loves your business or your product, EkGhanti gives them a way to subscribe to your SMS updates on their GSM mobile phones. Later you can update them via SMS. Of course, your users can always unsubscribe.

Android Development expert Nepal

Balance Cube

A 3D balance game, where you use the phone's accelerometer to guide the player to the goal evading the guards and obstacles while collecting power cubes within a given time limit

vishal shrestha android developer in nepal

Out Today

Out Today gives you access to all the hot and happening events in the town. Although focused on Events, the app also provides you with different restaurants and places to visit near you.

vishal shrestha android developer in nepal

Guitar Chords and Scales

This app gives you chrod diagrams and finger positions on fretboard with authentic sounds for all the guitar chords. Not only that you can also learn to play more than 8 scales with notes all over the fretboard.

android developer nepal vishal shrestha

Optical character recognition

This app automatically reads and verifies passports, visas and ID cards and displays the information. Just point the camera to the correct document and you are done, no need to do anything else. It will automatically fetch the information and display it when it's done.

Android Development expert Nepal

Bubble Popper Battle

Play alone or Battle your friend! for FREE! Not just another bubble popping or shooting game. Tap the bubbles before they hit the bottom. Variety of bubbles, like Bomb bubble, Zero bubble, Double bubble and Freeze bubble!

Best Android developer in Nepal

Space Search

Don't just be another shooter in the space! Get ready to save the earth. A simple one tap game with spaceships, missiles, energy balls, power balls and lots of space fun.

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