Hi! call me Vysh.

Expert in Android and Restful API development with knowledge of system design, server and database administration.

into = {treks, boxing, poetry, music, video-editing, educating}
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What I do

I help create awesome solutions for Mobile and Web to take your idea to the NEXT level, also kind of a cloud communications geek.

App Development

platforms = [Android, iOS]
features = [Seamless, Quick, Scalable, Immersive]
design_pattern = [MVVM]

Web Development

frontend = [VueJS, React, Javascript]
backend = [Django, Laravel]
the_future = [PWA]


servers = [DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure]
Database = [MySQL, NoSQL]
more = [Architecture, Design]

Colloborative Ideation! What's next? How do we make it better?


Some of my projects and awesome technologies I've worked on

Android Development expert Nepal

Out Today

Perfect event or place according to your budget, time and mood.
This app allowed you to search events and places according to budget, time and your mood.

Android Development expert Nepal


I've create app to automatically read and verifies passports, visas and ID cards and display the related information. Just point the camera to the correct document and you are done, no need to do anything else. It will automatically fetch the information and display it when it's done

vishal shrestha android developer in nepal

Scales, Chords and Tuner

This app gives you chrod diagrams and finger positions on fretboard with authentic sounds for all the guitar chords. Not only that you can also learn to play more than 8 scales with notes all over the fretboard.

Android Development expert Nepal

Bubble Popper Battle

Play alone or Battle your friend! Tap the bubbles before they hit the bottom. Variety of bubbles, like Bomb bubble, Zero bubble, Double bubble and Freeze bubble!

Best Android developer in Nepal


Asterisk is a software implementation of a private branch exchange (PBX). I've created automated call center solutions that used advanced and personalized IVR service according to the caller

Best Android developer in Nepal


SMPP protocol is used for sending and receiving SMS and USSD. With an SMS gatway, we have in our hands the power to create any sort of USSD and SMS application like payment processing that works completely offline

Best Android developer in Nepal

All Mart

It mart is an online departmental store with all the standard eCommerce functionalities like registration, cart system, order tracking and more

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